Monday, July 23, 2012

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle!

Usually these come in a 3 pack but I just got one to try out. :D It's in a little tube that you get once use out of, obviously depending on your hair length and texture. The packaging is a bit weird.. You have to break the little end bit off and then just squeeze it out. But I do like that it's different and not just in a tub or tube like most treatments. :D

It has the classic Pantene smell which I LOVE. And yeah the results were nice! I know you're supposed to use all 3 from the full pack, either once a day for 3 days or once a week or whatever. So, since I didn't do that the results were probably not as good as they would've been if I had done that. But nonetheless, I liked how it made my hair feel! It felt nice and soft and wasn't really gluggy like the Dove mask I have. So all in all I really liked it and I got two more that I'm gonna use soon so hopefully I get some more good results! :D

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Don't spend millions on a top brand eyelash curler :D

If you're a poor hobo like me, spending a crapload on makeup and anything makeup-related can fill you with such negative emotions as guilt, regret, and regret. And also regret. So when I was wanting to get an eyelash curler, I was hoping I'd be able to find one for pretty cheap. Nothing for a dollar that's super lame and doesn't even work, but not some thirty-dollar high-end thing that works the same as something for like ten bucks.

Sooooooo, when me and my mum were at this discount place (I completely forgot the name lol), I was super excited when we found an eyelash curler! And for only ten bucks! So we got it.
It's by Revlon, and I know it looks kinda budget but it's not bad! Although I do wish the rubber bits weren't red. Come on now, only girls buy this stuff, use a girly colour puh-lease. But it does infact curl my lashes just fine, since I was kinda expecting it to do a lame job of that. But I really like it and I also like that it came with an extra rubber strip. I haven't properly used it yet so I'll hopefully do another review on it in conjunction with my mascara or something. :D

Dove Mask

My mum got me this mask a little while ago and I've been loving it! I use it in the shower (you're supposed to use it on damp hair but I'm way too lazy lol) every few days and definitely love its effects. That sounded cheesy lol.
It's has a really thick, creamy consistency, which I LOVE. It also smells amazing. The normal Dove smell. :D Ew you can see my finger indentations in there lol. It works pretty much like a really nice conditioner does. It's more moisturizer than my general conditioner, but I find I have to rinse it really really well or it makes my hair all gluggy and weird. I used it on damp hair once and the results were a little better than when I use it on wet hair, but it was nothing major. It definitely makes my hair very soft but to be honest, I probably won't repurchase it. It's not bad but I'm keen to maybe try out the Sunsilk Keratinology mask or the Garnier butter mask again.
There's nothing bad in it so there's no need to worry about that. All in all it's a really nice, gentle mask and it definitely makes me wanna get a Dove shampoo and conditioner again sometime soon. It's one of my favourite brands. :)

Schwarzkopf Review :)

So I got these products a little while ago, and I've been loving them! I definitely recommend them if anyone's looking around for some cheap and effective hair products. :D
First is the hairspray. It's the Schwarzkopf Volume Power Hairspray. I really like the packaging, and it's the newer version of their styler packaging which I way prefer to the old one. The first thing I noticed when I used this was the smell. It doesn't smell all alcoholy like most hairsprays, and I really quite like the smell! As for performance, it's MAGIC. There's NO stickyness or crunchyness or anything like that. I can't even feel it in my hair and it gives a nice hold. It's not a super strong hold but that's ok cos I only need a pretty light hold. I use this mostly on my side fringe when I blowdry it, just to keep a bit of its shape. And if you're looking for an even lighter hold, spraying it into a paddle brush then brushing through your hair is good.
 It also contains emollients (softeners) which is a great plus to any hairspray. So as you can see, I absolutely LOVE it and am defs gonna repurchase!

Next is the Schwarzkopf Heidi's Heat Styles Mousse. I love that it creates volume while also protecting from heat. The packaging is SO nice and the smell is just, amazing. I can't stop smelling it lol. It's a really florally, girly scent so if you're into that kinda stuff then this is the product for you! I mostly use this when I blowdry my side fringe, and I'm not sure if I get volume because I blowdry it on the opposite side and then flip it over, or if it's because of this mousse. But it does give a bit of volume, depending on how you blowdry. It doesn't feel sticky or crunchy or anything, but it does make your hands a liiiiiiiiittle bit sticky but you can just go wash them lol.
So I really like it! If you're looking for something that creates LOTS of volume then maybe go for something else, cos I find the volume this creates is pretty minor, which isn't a problem for me. :D

The onnnnnnnly problem I've found with this is it despenses kinda weird. Or maybe I don't shake it enough lol. But other than that I LOVE IT.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Garnier Product :o

I was at the shop last week and I saw this Garnier hair product that I've never seen before! I was pretty stocked, since I LOVE Garnier. It's the Sleek & Shine 72H Heat Protection Cream. It's got Argan Oil in it, like the normal Sleek & Shine line, and it smells DELISH. So, I got it for like, ten bucks. And it was convenient cos I happened to need to use it the next day. I used it on damp hair before I was going to curl my hair (with my straightener, which kinda failed). It made my hair so nice and soft and oh my gosh, the smell. The natural ingredients are definitely reassuring, since I always feel like my hair is going to just shrivel and fall out whenever I use heat on it. It makes my hair smooth and soft while also protecting it from heat. With my other heat protectant, the Tresemme one, it doesn't really soften. And the smell is average lol. So I'm loving it! :)

Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi all! I'm assuming I have zero followers as of now, so I'm pretty much talking to myself. But I've been meaning to make a blog for some time now. I love reading other people's blogs about beauty and all that, so hopefully in time I can get viewers too lol.

But anyway, just as an intro, and to waste time cos I've been not studying all day and my exams are next week, I'll just do a quite summary of my seemingly uninteresting life.

So, I'm attending university and the first semester has just finished so exams are soon which sucks. Studying for human bio and animal bio is a breeze but human development is a huge bore and I dunno why I even took it lol. So that sucks. I've been playing the piano for abouuut.. I dunno, eight or nine years. Let's just say nine cos that's longer. :D So yeah I write songs on there and stuff. I honestly have like, nothing to say about my life lol, there's nothing to it. I've kinda lost, well, not lost but.. become distant from most of my friends since uni started. They all went to other unis and I barely ever see them and they've all formed new groups with new people and all this stuff. So I've really only got two proper friends lol. Which I don't have a problem with! But I'm just worried that they'll go off with some other people and I'll have no one. Again.

But hey this isn't a rant is it! I just wanted to say hi and if you're reading this stayed tuned cos I'll be doing product reviews and all that jazz soon!