Monday, July 23, 2012

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle!

Usually these come in a 3 pack but I just got one to try out. :D It's in a little tube that you get once use out of, obviously depending on your hair length and texture. The packaging is a bit weird.. You have to break the little end bit off and then just squeeze it out. But I do like that it's different and not just in a tub or tube like most treatments. :D

It has the classic Pantene smell which I LOVE. And yeah the results were nice! I know you're supposed to use all 3 from the full pack, either once a day for 3 days or once a week or whatever. So, since I didn't do that the results were probably not as good as they would've been if I had done that. But nonetheless, I liked how it made my hair feel! It felt nice and soft and wasn't really gluggy like the Dove mask I have. So all in all I really liked it and I got two more that I'm gonna use soon so hopefully I get some more good results! :D

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