Saturday, July 14, 2012

Don't spend millions on a top brand eyelash curler :D

If you're a poor hobo like me, spending a crapload on makeup and anything makeup-related can fill you with such negative emotions as guilt, regret, and regret. And also regret. So when I was wanting to get an eyelash curler, I was hoping I'd be able to find one for pretty cheap. Nothing for a dollar that's super lame and doesn't even work, but not some thirty-dollar high-end thing that works the same as something for like ten bucks.

Sooooooo, when me and my mum were at this discount place (I completely forgot the name lol), I was super excited when we found an eyelash curler! And for only ten bucks! So we got it.
It's by Revlon, and I know it looks kinda budget but it's not bad! Although I do wish the rubber bits weren't red. Come on now, only girls buy this stuff, use a girly colour puh-lease. But it does infact curl my lashes just fine, since I was kinda expecting it to do a lame job of that. But I really like it and I also like that it came with an extra rubber strip. I haven't properly used it yet so I'll hopefully do another review on it in conjunction with my mascara or something. :D

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