Saturday, July 14, 2012

Schwarzkopf Review :)

So I got these products a little while ago, and I've been loving them! I definitely recommend them if anyone's looking around for some cheap and effective hair products. :D
First is the hairspray. It's the Schwarzkopf Volume Power Hairspray. I really like the packaging, and it's the newer version of their styler packaging which I way prefer to the old one. The first thing I noticed when I used this was the smell. It doesn't smell all alcoholy like most hairsprays, and I really quite like the smell! As for performance, it's MAGIC. There's NO stickyness or crunchyness or anything like that. I can't even feel it in my hair and it gives a nice hold. It's not a super strong hold but that's ok cos I only need a pretty light hold. I use this mostly on my side fringe when I blowdry it, just to keep a bit of its shape. And if you're looking for an even lighter hold, spraying it into a paddle brush then brushing through your hair is good.
 It also contains emollients (softeners) which is a great plus to any hairspray. So as you can see, I absolutely LOVE it and am defs gonna repurchase!

Next is the Schwarzkopf Heidi's Heat Styles Mousse. I love that it creates volume while also protecting from heat. The packaging is SO nice and the smell is just, amazing. I can't stop smelling it lol. It's a really florally, girly scent so if you're into that kinda stuff then this is the product for you! I mostly use this when I blowdry my side fringe, and I'm not sure if I get volume because I blowdry it on the opposite side and then flip it over, or if it's because of this mousse. But it does give a bit of volume, depending on how you blowdry. It doesn't feel sticky or crunchy or anything, but it does make your hands a liiiiiiiiittle bit sticky but you can just go wash them lol.
So I really like it! If you're looking for something that creates LOTS of volume then maybe go for something else, cos I find the volume this creates is pretty minor, which isn't a problem for me. :D

The onnnnnnnly problem I've found with this is it despenses kinda weird. Or maybe I don't shake it enough lol. But other than that I LOVE IT.

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