Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Garnier Product :o

I was at the shop last week and I saw this Garnier hair product that I've never seen before! I was pretty stocked, since I LOVE Garnier. It's the Sleek & Shine 72H Heat Protection Cream. It's got Argan Oil in it, like the normal Sleek & Shine line, and it smells DELISH. So, I got it for like, ten bucks. And it was convenient cos I happened to need to use it the next day. I used it on damp hair before I was going to curl my hair (with my straightener, which kinda failed). It made my hair so nice and soft and oh my gosh, the smell. The natural ingredients are definitely reassuring, since I always feel like my hair is going to just shrivel and fall out whenever I use heat on it. It makes my hair smooth and soft while also protecting it from heat. With my other heat protectant, the Tresemme one, it doesn't really soften. And the smell is average lol. So I'm loving it! :)

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