Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi all! I'm assuming I have zero followers as of now, so I'm pretty much talking to myself. But I've been meaning to make a blog for some time now. I love reading other people's blogs about beauty and all that, so hopefully in time I can get viewers too lol.

But anyway, just as an intro, and to waste time cos I've been not studying all day and my exams are next week, I'll just do a quite summary of my seemingly uninteresting life.

So, I'm attending university and the first semester has just finished so exams are soon which sucks. Studying for human bio and animal bio is a breeze but human development is a huge bore and I dunno why I even took it lol. So that sucks. I've been playing the piano for abouuut.. I dunno, eight or nine years. Let's just say nine cos that's longer. :D So yeah I write songs on there and stuff. I honestly have like, nothing to say about my life lol, there's nothing to it. I've kinda lost, well, not lost but.. become distant from most of my friends since uni started. They all went to other unis and I barely ever see them and they've all formed new groups with new people and all this stuff. So I've really only got two proper friends lol. Which I don't have a problem with! But I'm just worried that they'll go off with some other people and I'll have no one. Again.

But hey this isn't a rant is it! I just wanted to say hi and if you're reading this stayed tuned cos I'll be doing product reviews and all that jazz soon!

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